Online Chinese language courses


Chinese Learning Paradise is now cooperating with the Chinese Language Centre in National Taichung University in Taiwan to provide online Chinese Language courses to

  1. Help reinforce the children­’s Chinese learning outside classroom time.

  2. Help children catch up lessons if they miss any lesson or need to self-isolate at home at any point due to COVID.

  3. Benefit those who would like to learn Chinese with us but cannot join our Saturday face-to-face lessons.

  4. Help create a better Chinese learning environment and motivation in the children’s families through our online adult lessons on Sundays.


All teachers from the Chinese language centre are qualified and well trained to teach Chinese as a second language.



  1. 于课堂外的时间,有机会加强他们的中文学习。

  2. 如果孩子们星期六有事缺课,或因COVID必须在家隔离,可以有机会补课。

  3. 同时也提供无法在周六参予我们实体课程的孩子们中文学习的机会。

  4. 藉由周日成人线上课程,帮助孩子们的家庭建立更好的中文学习环境和动机。




Learning Material 教学内容:

Children Groups: Same books and lesson schedule as what the children are learning during their Saturday face-to-face lessons but instructed by different teachers with different lesson planning and activities for extra learning inspirations and reinforcement.

Adult Groups: Useful daily Chinese (Both Beginner & Intermediate levels available)

孩子组: 使用的书和教学进度都跟孩子在周六实体课所学的一样,藉由不同教师的教学方式和课程设计,让孩子有不同的学习刺激和加强。

成人组: 实用日常中文用语 (初级及中級俩种程度的班级都有)

Two Groups for Each Class 每班分两组:

As children all have different after-school activities during weekdays, we provide two groups in two different days for each class to offer more flexibility. The lesson content for both group A and B will include Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as typing (except nursery class). We believe typing Chinese is also an important skill for all the children to acquire in this modern society.


Fees 费用:

With the COVID ongoing situation, we have decided to continue to offer the online lesson free of charge for all registered students and their parents, so that it can give the children a chance to catch up lessons if they miss any lesson or need to self-isolate at home at any point. We are doing the best we can to help with all children’s Chinese learning and to help create a better Chinese learning environment and motivation to all families.

Children or adults who are not registered with us are welcome to join as well, if they cannot make it to our Saturday face-to-face lessons. Fee per term is 90 GBP (one lesson per week for ten weeks) plus extra book fee and postage (Nursery class: 15 GBP, Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 classes: 30 GBP). Once your children are learning online with us, parents can join the online adult lessons on Sundays with no extra charge.


如果无法加入我们周六的实体课程,目前没有在中文学校注册的学生和家长也欢迎加入我们,一学期90英镑 (一周一堂课,共十周) 再加上额外的书籍费和邮寄费 (幼儿园班: 15 英镑,基础班、一年级班和二年级班: 30 英镑)。 一旦您的孩子注册成为我们线上班的学生,家长就可以免费报名参加我们周日的成人线上中文课。

Online Lesson Schedule课程时间表:

Spring Term: from 10 January to 3 April (half term: 11 February to 25 February)

1月10日到4月3日 (期中假:2月11日到2月25日)










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