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School Fee

  • We offer a fixed 10% sibling discount and 10% annual fee discount (payment for any continuous 3 terms)

  • Family Discount : If your child is learning with us, each additional adult will receive a further 10% off discount (either pay per term or per year).

  • An additional textbook fee will be charged if you pay per term, but included if you pay the annual fee.

  • Each term comprises 10 weeks of lessons. (Please see our school calendar for dates.)

  • Registration Fee : A registration fee of 30 GBP which includes a welcome pack will be applied to all new learners.

  • Culture Lessons/Workshops : All culture lessons and workshops are free of charge and are part of the course unless specified.

  • Weekday Online Chinese Language Courses : Additional weekday online lessons are provided for each course as lesson reinforcement and are FREE for all current learners registered with us.


  • 學費年繳(連續繳費三期)或兄弟姐妹同時報名都各再有10%的折扣。

  • 家庭學習折扣:如果您的孩子在我們這裡學習,每增加一名家庭成員報名,將會進一步獲得 10% 的折扣優惠(按學期或年費支付)。

  • 期繳需再額外支付書籍費,年繳則不用。

  • 一個學期有十堂課。(日期詳見學校行事曆)

  • 註冊費 :所有新學員均需支付 30 英鎊的註冊費,其中包括歡迎禮包。

  • 文化課、研討會及手作活動:除非另有說明,所有文化課和研討會都是免費參與的,並且是課程的一部分。

  • 平日在線中文課程和週間線上中文課: 課程提供在額外的平日在線課程,作為課程強化,並且對所有在我們註冊的當前學生是免費提供的課程。


School Fees

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Payment Methods 付費方式:

Cash現金 or Bank Transfer 銀行轉帳

Account Name: CHINESE LEARNING PARADISE LTD          Sort Code: 090129      Account Number: 43040351

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